Preset Pack Details: 80's Pop Vol I

16:9 Image

Description: 80's Pop Vol I


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Notes from Scott: All IR's from 3Sigma Audio

** Impulse Responses (IR's) used in this pack:
1960V 1a
1960V 3a
65 Twin 3a
Bad Cat 1a
Bad Cat 3a
Fender 65 Twin 1a
Fender 65 Twin 5a
Hi Watt
Hi Watt 1a
Hi Watt 3a
Marshall 1960V 3a
Marshall Basket Weave 1a
Vox AC30 3a

** 3rd Party Impulse Responses

Unless otherwise noted, all of my presets use 3rd Party IR's from 3Sigma Audio. Their IR packs come with 10 IR's; five created with solid state amplification and five created using a tube amplifier so you can mix and match and create incredible sounds. Information regarding the specific IR's used in each pack or preeset are available in the descriptions. For more information visit 3Sigma Audio.


The IR's listed below from left to right are used in the presets starting with the IR Block found in the uppermost path of the preset to the IR Block found in the lowermost path of the preset.
Der Kommissar - Hi Watt 1a - Marshall Basket Weave 1a
Don't Dream It's - Vox AC30 3a - Fender 65 Twin 5a
Girls Just Wanna - 65 Twin 3a - Bad Cat 1a
How Soon Is Now - Vox AC30 3a - Bad Cat 3a
Hungry Like... - 1960V 3a - Hi Watt 3a
I Ran - 1960V 1a - Hi Watt 3a
I Want A New... - Marshall 1960V 3a - Hi Watt Combined: Hi Watt 3a & Hi Watt 1a
Just Like Heaven - Bad Cat 3a - Bad Cat 1a
Let's Dance - 65 Twin 3a - Bad Cat 3a
New Sensation - 65 Twin 3a - Bad Cat 3a
One Thing Leads - Fender 65 Twin 1a - Bad Cat 1a
Owner Of A... - 1960V 3a - Hi Watt 1a
Space Age Love - 1960V 1a - Hi Watt 3a
Summer Of '69 - Hi Watt 1a - Hi Watt 3a
Your Love - 65 Twin 3a - Bad Cat 1a