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This is your home for all things Scott Minchk including Line6 Helix™ resources. Free Presets (every Friday is Freeset Friday), Preset Packages, Tutorials and more. Browse and download the Freesets, check out the Tutorials, and purchase Preset Packs. There is something for everyone here at!

Get your HELIX Plasticare cover now !

Every Friday is "Freeset Friday." I create a preset with the helix and then give it away to you for FREE ! Click on "Helix Presets" above for access to all of my presets.

My Preset Packages generally include 15 presets for $15.00. I never charge more than $1.00 for a preset, but some of my packs contain more than 15 presets.

Under the Tutorials tab, find videos on how to get the most from your Helix including how to use the EQ, compressors, effects parameters and much more.

Click to to my YouTube channel where you will find information about the latest preset packages I'm working on, but you can also check out my "In The Mix Monday" tunes and participate in "Name That Riff" on Wednesday's to win a free preset.

3rd Party Impulse Responses

PLEASE NOTE: Many of my presets use Impulse Responses (IR's) from either 3Sigma Audio or my own Tone Tubby IR. My IR is FREE but 3Sigma IR's must be purchased separately from 3Sigma Audio. Information regarding the specific IR's used in each pack or preset is available in the preset's descriptions. For more information visit 3Sigma Audio.

Click HERE to download my Tone Tubby IR.

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